Stories what I wrote when I was ten

I present to you a youthful and somewhat insensitive re-telling of a classic fairy tale.

Please note—The following story is not meant to imply that the residents of Chernobyl were:

  • tax evaders; or
  • incompetent home builders; or
  • mean spirited; or
  • comparable to swine; or
  • given to formulaic naming of their children.

Any resemblance to any person, living or dead, is purely (and tragically) coincidental.

The Three Little Taxpayers

by C. D. Owen. (Age 10)

Once upon a time, there were three little taxpayers and they lived in a Russian town called Chernobyl. Two lived in the outskirts of the town and they had made their homes of poor building material. One whose name was Yuri had made his house of straw. The other, whose name was Yori, had made his house of sticks and branches. Everyone in the town made fun of the them. The other taxpayer lived in the upper-crust of the city and he was very well-off. His name was Yari and he lived in a magnificent sky-scraper and he made fun of Yuri and Yari as well.

One day, the big bad tax-collector came along and his name was Yiri. He came to Yuri’s house and knocked on the woven door.

“Little tax-payer, little tax-payer, let me in!”
“Not by the vinyl of my skinny wallet!”
“Then I’ll have to demolish your house!”

So the big bad tax-collector went away and then came back with a bull-dozer. He then knocked over Yuri’s residence. He then went and on and came to Yori’s house of sticks.

“Little money bag, little money bag, let me in!”
“Not by the leatherette of my medium filled wallet!” came the reply.
“Then I’ll have to demolish your house!”

And again he went away and this time brought back a demolishing ball. He then knocked down Yori’s house. Then he continued along collecting debts. He then came to the sky-scraper belonging to Yari.

“Little dollar-sign, little dollar-sign, let me in!”
And Yari replied, “Not by the one hundred percent leather of my fat wallet!”

And so away went the big, bad tax-collector yet another time. He then came back with a demolishing squad but they couldn’t destroy the sky-scraper because they didn’t have a permit to destroy large buildings.

As you have probably known, the big bad tax-collector was very greedy and he just had to have Yari’s wallet. So the big bad tax collector went to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and he shut off the reactor’s cooling systems and then the power plant blew up causing Yari’s building to glow and melt.

The next day the big bad tax-collector came back in his protective clothing and he searched the rubble for Yari’s wallet, which he never found but he was glad he gained his revenge.

The moral to this story is: pay your debts or you’ll be sorry!

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  1. Ha, this is hilarious! Do you have more stories from age 10? I’d love to see them

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