Surveys: useful or yes definitely

Here’s a brilliantly constructed survey I was sent from FamilyVoice Australia. Apparently you get 10 points for answering “Yes definitely”, 2 points for answering “definitely not”, 1 point for “no comment” and no points for not answering. From the very first question I could tell that this was not going to be a highscore entry for me.

A snippet from the survey
A snippet from the survey

Full PDF version

Why I stand before you

As some of you already know by now, I have nominated myself for the 2010 Australian Federal Election as a candidate for the Commonwealth Electoral Division of Sydney, endorsed by the Secular Party of Australia. It is both an honour and a privilege simply to be able to stand for such office. It is truly a remarkable thing to participate in a society that conducts its affairs in this manner.

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Stories what I wrote when I was ten

I present to you a youthful and somewhat insensitive re-telling of a classic fairy tale.

Please note—The following story is not meant to imply that the residents of Chernobyl were:

  • tax evaders; or
  • incompetent home builders; or
  • mean spirited; or
  • comparable to swine; or
  • given to formulaic naming of their children.

Any resemblance to any person, living or dead, is purely (and tragically) coincidental.

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