Well, to rip off a beer advertisement completely, who is Christopher Owen?

Christopher Owen at the NSW export awards

Photo: James Fleming

I’m part accident, part man. A total video game junky, book worm and connoisseur of the absurd. If there is something totally ridiculous to be said, chances are, I’ve said it already.

I am a freelance mobile development consultant currently working with Small Improvements to build a mobile client for their awesome performance management tool.

In a previous career iterations I had the distinct pleasure of being a technical lead and system architect for the Netpage augmented reality application and also a technical lead at Atlassian in Sydney, working as part of the Confluence wiki team. In ages past I was the webmaster and applications developer at the CSIRO, Australia Telescope National Facility. Yes, I even got to use an array of six radio telescopes – and I didn’t damage a thing. Much.

At the 2010 Australian Federal Elections I stood as a Secular Party candidate for the federal electorate of Sydney and in 2013 I was the party’s number two Senate candidate in NSW. Please take some time to read my announcement of candidacy. I served as a delegate on the party‚Äôs National Executive for three years.

This blog is chiefly an outlet for me on topics such as politics, science, technology, software engineering and video games. It may even at times be funny; I won’t make any guarantees as to which type of funny though.

Welcome to my stream of consciousness and enjoy your stay.

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